Mark Sh. Levin

Note on Decision Support Platform  for Modular Systems

This methodological paper addresses a glance to a general decision support platform technology for modular systems (modular/composite alternatives/solutions) in various applied domains. The decision support platform consists of seven basic combinatorial engineering frameworks (hierarchical system modeling, system synthesis, evaluation, detection of bottleneck, improvement/extension, multistage design, combinatorial evolution and forecasting). The engineering frameworks are based on decision support procedures and combinatorial optimization problems (e.g., multicriteria selection/sorting, clustering), combinatorial optimization problems (e.g., knapsack, multiple choice problem, clique, assignment/allocation, covering, spanning trees), and their combinations. The following is described: (1) general scheme of the decision support platform technology; (2) brief descriptions of modular (composite) systems (or composite alternatives); (3) trends in moving from choice/selection of alternatives to processing of composite alternatives which correspond to hierarchical modular products/systems; (4) scheme of resource requirements (i.e., human, information-computer); and (5) basic combinatorial engineering frameworks and their applications.


КЛЮЧЕВЫЕ СЛОВА: decision support, platform technology, modular systems, systems engineering, engineering frameworks, combinatorial optimization