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Том 22, 2002


A. Andronov

Efficiency Analysis of Queueing Model Validation by Use of Trace-Driven Simulation

стр. 141−142

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D. Baum and V. Kalashnikov

No-Waiting Stations with Spatial Arrival Processes and Customer Motion

стр. 143−145

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A.V. Belyy  and I.V. Aminova

Queueing Network Simulation Based on  Quasi-Weak Regeneration

стр. 146−148

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O. Bogoiavlenskaia 

Markovian Model of Internetworking Flow Control

стр. 149−154

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V. Bening and  V. Korolev

Law of Large Numbers and Central Limit Theorem for Generalized Risk Processes

стр. 155−156

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P.P. Bocharov 

On Queueing Networks with Signals

стр. 157−160

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J.-L. Bon  

Geometric Sums in Reliability Evaluation of Regenerative Systems

стр. 161−163

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J.M. Calvin  and P.W. Glynn  

A Family of Regenerative Moment Identities

стр. 164

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E.V. Cherepanova   

Limit distribution of number of chains in random forest

стр. 165

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E. von Collani  

Quantification by Stochastic Models

стр. 166−168

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C. Cocozza-Thivent   

The Help of Regenerative and Semiregenerative Methods for Studying a Preventive Maintenance Model

стр. 169−172

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A.N. Dudin  and V.I. Klimenok   

Matrix Queueing Theory

стр. 173−175

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F. Flandoli, S. Giordano, M. Gubinelli, G. Orlando, M. Pagano, and G. Procissi   

Efficient Rare Events Simulation of Gaussian Processes

стр. 176−179

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J. Grandell   

Risk Theory and Geometric Sums

стр. 180−181

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B.L. Granovsky  and A.I. Zeifman  

Quasi-Ergodic Nonstationary Queues

стр. 182−185

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B. González-Arévalo  and G. Samorodnitsky  

Performance of the Leaky Bucket System with LongRange Dependent Input Traffic

стр. 186−189

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J.J. Hasenbein  

Instability of Epsilon Deterministic Queueing Networks via the Fluid Model

стр. 190−192

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N.L. Ivanova and Yu.S. Khokhlov  

The New Variant of Multivariate Generalization of the Generalized Poisson Distribution

стр. 193−194

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V.A. Ivnitski and O.V. Ivnitski  

Queuing System with "Generalized Processor-Sharing" and Dependence of Service Rate on Residual Work

стр. 195−197

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S.K. Juneja and V.F. Nicola  

Efficient Simulation of Buffer Overflow in Queueing Networks

стр. 198−200

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I. Kaj  

On Scaling Limits of Arrival Processes with Long-Range Dependence

стр. 201−203

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T. Kashaev, V. Korolev, and S. Shorgin  

Optimization Problems for the Parameters of Risk Processes

стр. 204−205

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V.M. Kats and K.I. Livshits  

Optimization of Advertising Expenses in the Functioning of an Insurance Company

стр. 206−208

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N. Kazimirov  

On the Asymptotics of Big Components in a Generalized Allocation Scheme

стр. 209−210

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M.L. Kleptsyna, A. Le Breton, and M. Viot  

About the Linear-Quadratic Regulator Problem Under a Fractional Brownian PerturbationComplete Observation

стр. 211−213

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S.A. Klokov and A.Yu. Veretennikov  

On sub-exponential mixing rate for a class of SDEs

стр. 214−215

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N. Kolev  

Volodya, I Miss You (Two Correlated Collective Risk Models)

стр. 216−219

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D.G. Konstantinides, Q.H. Tang, and G.Sh. Tsitsiashvili  

Two-sided Bounds for Ruin Probability under Constant Interest Force

стр. 220−223

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M. Kovalev , L. Shlumper, and V. Sedunov  

Self-Adopting Hybrid Simulation Models of Heterogeneous Telecommunication Networks

стр. 224−225

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V.A. Malyshev, S.A. Pirogov, and A.N. Rybko  

Liquid Limit and Entropy

стр. 226−227

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V.B. Melas  

On Simulating Finite Markov Chains by the Splitting and Roulette Approach

стр. 228−230

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E. Morozov  

Weak Regeneration for Modeling of Queuieng Processes

стр. 231−233

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A.V. Nagaev  

Prosperity Paradox of Risk Theory

стр. 234−235

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A.A. Nazarov and S.U. Urazbaeva  

Modeling of Telecommunication Transmission Network with Fiber Optic Channel

стр. 236−237

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I. Norros and P. Salminen  

On a Storage Model with Local Time Input

стр. 238−239

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R. Norberg  

Sensitivity Analysis in Insurance and Finance

стр. 240−242

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A. Pechinkin and T. Svischeva  

Queue MAP/G/1 with Inverse Discipline and Probabilistic Priority

стр. 243

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H. Reittu and I. Norros  

On Large Random Graphs of the "Internet Type"

стр. 244−245

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V. Rykov and B. Dimitrov  

On Multi-State Reliability Systems

стр. 246−251

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V. Rykov and D. Efrosinin  

Numerical Analysis of Optimal Control Policies for Queueing Systems with Heterogeneous Servers

стр. 252−256

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H. Schmidli  

Asymptotics of Ruin Probabilities for Controlled Risk Processes in the Small Claim Case

стр. 257−258

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R.F. Serfozo  

Reversible Markov Processes on General Spaces: Spatial Birth-Death and Queueing Processes

стр. 259−261

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S. Stafeev  

On the Identifiability of a Two-Factor Model with Correlated Residuals

стр. 262−263

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G.Sh. Tsitsiashvili  

Quality Properties of Risk Models Under Stochastic Interest Force

стр. 264−268

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V.G. Ushakov and O.V. Shestakov  

Reconstruction of Probabilistic Distributions of Multivariate Random Functions from Distributions of Their Projections

стр. 269

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V. Vishnevsky and A. Lyakhov  

Estimation of Maximal TCP/IP Traffic Rate over 802.11 Network with Hidden Stations

стр. 270−272

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D. Zhuravlev  

Disorder Time Determination for the Pareto Distribution Function Using the Method of Cumulative Sums

стр. 273−274

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К.В. Голубцов, О.Ю. Орлов, Э.А.И.Айду, В.Г.Трунов, П.Д.Софронов, Т.С.Егорова  

Компьютерная система для диагностики зрения

стр. 275−278

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